Top 5 digital and content marketing conferences worth closing your office to attend!

NICE GUIDE The key to have a fast-growing business is quality content and a sophisticated content marketing roadmap based on the tech and the content creation trends. Digital content main players such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. are revealing new techs and options more frequently in comparison to the past. Marketing trends are changing and improving rapidly, and to keep up with the trends in social media, digital marketing and content marketing practitioners in these fields should stay updated. But with this massive amount of digital world news how can you stay tuned? Well we believe exhibitions and conferences are great opportunities to network with like minded people, discover new techs and inspire from innovative ideas.

So put your sneakers on and leave the office to participate in the marketing running race; Otherwise you might end up losing your business! Here are the 5 top exhibitions digital marketers shouldn’t miss.

TYPE: Tech Conference
DATE: 6–9 November 2017
WHERE: Lisbon, Portugal

Web Summit is where technology and industry meet. With the number of attendees raised from 400 to more than 60,000 within 6 years, this conference has been the fastest growing and largest conference. People from 160 countries attend this conference.

More than 1,000 speakers from market leaders share their ideas and experiments through the conferences and workshops. They present some solutions every practitioner in digital and content marketing might tackle while running a business. Also there are some robots among the speakers; isn’t that cool?

Most influential investors from Silicon Valley such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft will be attending too. So there will be lots of opportunities to hunt for both prominent companies who attend to improve their knowledge about tech and content marketing trends and small start-ups who look for investors. There is always someone to network with, so do not miss it.

TYPE: Film, Interactive Media, Music festival and conference
DATE: 9–18 March 2018
WHERE: Austin, Texas, USA

Founded in 1986, South by South West or SXSW is one of the oldest content conferences. Here is where you can find a mix of music, film and interactive media industries which are the main ingredients of generating a creative content by which you can stand out in the market.

Several exhibitions, feature sessions, showcases, screenings, parties and meet ups will be held; so there will be great opportunities for attendees to build up connections and improve and update their knowledge about new trends in content marketing and tech world`s trends. Actually the attendees can communicate through an internal social net together in advance to the exhibition. There will be also speakers from Spotify, New York Times, Daily Show and other prominent practitioners in entertainment, content marketing and tech world.

All the events are categorised in three sections including film, music and interactive. In interactive category, there will be tracks discussing brand and marketing, code and programming, experiential storytelling, start-up and tech, VR and AR and many other relatable topics. In music category subjects like making and promoting music, cultural stories, stream and license will be raised. Finally, in film category speakers will bring up titles like entertainment influencers, film and TV industry, making films, etc.

TYPE: Advertising Conference
DATE: 19–22 March 2018
WHEN: London, UK

Since 2013, AWE brings professionals in digital and marketing fields together to bring up key marketing trends, obstacles and solutions to shape the future of advertising in digital world.

There will be more than 175 conferences and workshops, presented by pioneer companies in digital marketing, content marketing, tech world and advertising such as Bloomberg, Google, Facebook and Spotify. Through these conferences you will gain inspiring ideas on how to apply new techs in your content marketing strategy and storytelling to stand out among your business competitors.

For those looking for fun in business AWE is highly recommended. In addition to the conferences there are lots of fun events where you can network with managers and business owners in a fun way. The mornings kick off with leadership breakfast, then there are culture and commerce lunch series followed by concert and comedy nights. The performers are world class entertainers. So don’t miss a minute to mingle with people in the events. The one next to you might change your business life.

TYPE: Tech Conference
DATE: 30 April–3 May 2018
WHERE: New Orleans, USA

If you are a busy marketing practitioner with a passion for Jazz music you can have two targets in one shot. Collision will be held between two Jazz fests in New Orleans.

With around 20,000 attendees from more than 2,500 companies, Collision is America’s fastest growing tech conference. Collision and Web Summit are sister events being created by prominent companies such as Google, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Amazon and Facebook. Also market leaders in digital marketing, social media and content marketing including Airbnb, Disney, Tweeter, etc. are among the attendees and speakers. Don’t miss this community to build great connections.

There will be conferences on social media marketing, innovative techs, content marketing, digital marketing, communication, sales and e-learning. On top of all, the experts will discuss the effects of social media on culture and politics. You can establish innovative content marketing strategies based on cultural values to gain a reputable social role for your brand.

TYPE: Content Marketing Conference
DATE: 4–7 September 2018

Content Marketing World is the largest content event. Around 4,000 professionals from more than 500 companies are attending this content marketing conference. 225 smart minds in content marketing from all around world will share the secrets of generating out-standing content to accelerate business growth.

Digital world’s leaders like Google, Microsoft, Intel, Dell and Monster are attending Content Marketing World. There will be lots of things to learn, lots of ideas to inspire from and lots of opportunities to establish profitable ventures.


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