Nice One picks Senior Creative from Vice New York

NICE NEWS Two years of strong growth and with a newly opened office in Copenhagen, Nice One now recruits Markus Hård as Creative Manager for Partnerships & Development, in response to Scandinavian CMO’s increasing interest in adding branded entertainment formats and tailor-made IP to the media mix.

In New York, the acceptance of brand presence in entertainment has always been high, making branded content and digital platforms an obvious strategy for many CMOs. In Sweden we see a similar evolution, where brand owners turn directly to media houses and production companies from TV and film, rather than to traditional advertising agencies.

– The entertainment formats of the future will be owned and distributed by brands.” says Anna Hammerlid Tollesson, CEO at Nice One and continues:

– When our numbers show that people happily pay for ad-free streaming platforms and have no problem watching branded entertainment, we must offer concepts that do not annoy our audiences, nor get stuck in ad-blocks.


Markus will add his experience from creating digital media channels, content and commercial campaigns for Vice Media, to Nice One’s existing creative department.

– Working with media and communication in New York during the chaotic American election wiped out my last doubts weather brands can and should stand up for social good in our democratic media landscape, says Markus Hard and continues;

– You don’t need a fat wallet full of American dollars to offer your audiences meaningful content if you understand how to convert brand values into culture that young people actually care about.


Markus HårdMarkus has consulted Vice US’s commercial partners since 2015 and launched projects like The Olympic Channel for The International Olympic Committee, Bacardi Artist Series event & content series unveiling side projects by artists like Future, Aluna George & Lolowolf, created the first ever global brand campaign, ’THIS IS YOGA’ for Lululemon and launched the pro-equality platform ’Equalizing Music’ for Smirnoff – the best branded content partnership of 2017, according to AdAge.

– Nice One truly understands the importance of putting the audience first. Thanks to this we’re already developing a ’tech meets fashion’ project updating the standards of how masculinity is represented in media today, says Markus.


Markus’ main responsibilities will be new business and concept development for new and existing clients.


> Do you want to contact Markus? Call him  +46 73 276 75 00 or

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