Stress experiment in the Swedish nature

An initiative by Visit Sweden and Turistrådet Västsverige where they wanted to highlight the Swedish nature and show how the swedish ”close-to-nature” lifestyle could affect peoples well-being positively. They turned to the agency Prime for idea and strategy, who together with Nice One documented the project. The end products: a six minute documentary and four shorter videos for social media.

To explore the effects of the unique relationship Swedes have with nature, five people from five different countries, with some of the most stressful jobs, got to experience Sweden’s “close-to-nature” lifestyle, whilst their well-being was measured by leading researchers. During the study, the participants stayed in custom-built cabins made of glass to be as close to nature as possible. After 72 hours, they all showed a decrease in blood pressure, stress levels and heart rate – and they became more creative too.

The case study received a lot of press even before it was official. Newspapers, forums and blogs all over the world wrote about it. Now that the final results are in, we are happy to say that it was a success. More than 584 million in total reach, spread out over 35 countries. Welcome to Sweden!

PS. Apart from the casestudy itself, the cabins are actually bookable and only for 72 hours, not shorter, not longer. Suggestion from everyone who was there – make sure you stay there at some point.