Case: Nikon

Photographer closeups

Nikon works with the Nikon Brand Ambassadors Program which are some of the most talented and influential visual artists working in the business today. Now they wanted to introduce their Brand Ambassadors in the Nordics.

The solution was to produce 8 videos, filmed as cinematographic suggestive person portraits – an approach which would appeal to Nikons different target groups. Credibility and sentiment is build by following Nikon’s brand ambassadors on a typical working day out in the field.

The tone of the videos is dreamy and a bit slow – where focus is on building a sense of creativity, opportunity and simplicity. A voice-over which is ambassador’s own voice in English as well as a cohesive music theme becomes the coherent red thread for the films, along with the intro and outro.

The videos are distributed on at Nikon own webbpage and through sociala media channels.

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