VR-case: Av og Til

Alcohol, through the eyes of Lukas, 6.

Vacation, wanting to relax and blow off steam from the stressful everyday life. Summer is a time when many drink more alcohol than usual, and a time when many forget how this can affect family and friends. Nice One helped Norwegian ”anti-drinking” organization Av-Og-Til to highlight the importance of drinking responsibly/not drinking at all amongst children. In order to mediate the actual impact drinking can have on people around you, and give the audience a new perspective, a virtual reality experience was the best choice.


Production company One Big Happy Family in Norway and Nice One together with Av-Og-Tils ad agency Trigger created and produced a scripted VR short video, shot from the perspective of a 6-year-old boy, at dinner with his family in Mallorca, Spain. The aim: to reach and educate adults and especially parents in a setting that many can relate to: vacation.

Case av og til

In the video we experience all stages of a dinner that could have been a nice moment for everyone involved. It starts with sunshine, laughter and conversations but continues on into a more and more unpleasant mood. The viewer gets to feel how the alcohol causes ill-feeling and disputes within the family as the parents get loud and annoying, the grandfather leaves in protest, the boys sister too. The dinner turns into something very ugly, as seen from the little boy’s perspective.


The VR-video has been distributed via Av-Og-Til’s own channels on Facebook and YouTube. With such a strong message the hope was that people would want to share this video with everyone they could and make it go viral. With more than 200,000 views and 900 shares the first 24 hours, it was definitely on the right track. The film made the viewers react and comment. People were saddened, concerned, angry, and everything in between. It had started to make people think and hopefully act accordingly.


In addition a reaction-video was shot where a group of people were invited to come and watch the VR-film, while their reactions were filmed and interviews were held. This video has well surpassed the 1 million views mark and the numbers are still ticking. The like- and comment- fields on Facebook as well as YouTube are filled up with strong reactions from people everywhere.