CASE: TV4 Köket

Tommy Myllymäki: How to master the art of sauces

Launching their first online class ever, TV4 partnered up with Nice One to create a brand new format. The project marked the launch of TV4/Kö newest addition to their ecosystem of cooking- and food-related products.

Working with world-renowned masterchef Tommy Myllymäki we focused this class on his speciality: sauce. In 8 lessons Tommy teaches saucemaking all the way from the basics to his methods that made him win several medals at Bocuse d’Or.

The class consists of 8 lessons, 29 excercises and 19 tips making it almost 4 hours of videomaterial for the viewer. Tommy has the time to really go through all the steps and share his secrets with the viewer. The look and feel is like no other ordinary cooking program. We get to meet the masterchef like we have never seen him before. The result is a uniqe, premium online videoclass that is both educational and entertaining.

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