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A vital documentary

Five people die from diabetes every day in Sweden, and over half a million Swedes live with the disease. Media company MTG and the Swedish Diabetes Association would like these numbers to change. Together, they have launched Sweden’s first live diabetes TV gala, as well as the new documentary “Living without dying”, both led by popular TV host Peter Jihde.

Diabetes type 1 and type 2 are two different diseases, but with the same dire consequences. Peter Jihde has diabetes type 1, which means that the body doesn’t produce any insulin at all.

– So many people know so little about something so widely-spread. It’s about time we change that. This initiative is for us living with diabetes, but also for everyone who would like to avoid getting the world’s fastest growing endemic disease. Sharing knowledge about diabetes is vital, says Peter Jihde.

In ”Living without dying”, Peter Jihde meets people sharing their stories about living with diabetes, among others the artists Molly Sandén and Hasse Andersson, professional ice skater Gustav Åkesson and the Eskildsen family from Åkersberga outside of Stockholm. The family’s life was fundamentally changed when the children Oscar and Lisa were diagnosed with diabetes type 1, only a few months apart. The parents watch over their kids day and night to make sure they’re okay.

– Monitoring them is essential to us. If their levels drop too much, they could enter diabetic coma. They could die, says Lars Eskildsen in the documentary.

“Living without dying” has reached 450 000 viewers on TV3, Viafree and Viaplay. The documentary and the diabetes gala combined have resulted in hundreds of articles and media mentions, as well as an enormous social media engagement. Through these efforts, 5,7 million SEK has been collected and donated to the diabetes research.

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