Case: My Academy

Influential Motivation popstar way

Tutoring services are increasingly popular, but reaching the demotivated can prove difficult. Nice One helped market leader My Academy with a new web TV concept involving one of the biggest influencers on the planet.

School can be tough, and many young students feel that pressure is often too high in their formative years. With an increased amount of homework and less time for parents to be properly involved, study help has become big business.

My Academy is Sweden’s leading tutoring company, with online classes as well as private tutors all over the country. But marketing is tricky – reaching the parents is rarely enough. The key is to make the students themselves feel motivated enough to get in touch with My Academy. This has led to the project “Ta Steget” (“Take the Leap”).

In that context, Nice One helped My Academy formulate the concept for a new web TV series, Studievodden (“The Study Vod”), involving a student and a tutor. While scouting for a student that could carry the production properly, Zara Larsson’s name emerged.

Zara Larsson is not only one of Sweden’s biggest pop stars of all time, with currently 20 million monthly Spotify listeners (her single Lush Life has over half a billion streams) – she also is a fond user of My Academy. Still a teenager, Zara Larsson is juggling her constant tours and travels with Sweden’s compulsory educational system. She has to make it work, and since 2012, she has used the popular service.

Over five episodes of Studievodden, Zara and her tutor Hugo discuss topics ranging from study techniques and self-confidence, to role-models and tools for reaching your personal goals.

It’s safe to say that Zara, with 2,5 million Instagram followers, is one of Sweden’s most well-respected and influential artists at the time. By lending her voice to My Academy, she will help many students become more motivated to reach their goals and fulfil their dreams – “Lush Life” or not.

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