Case: Ericsson

Tekniken &: An original talk-show series

In 2018 Ericsson made a survey that proved a strong co-relation between the perception of Ericsson’s passive presence in their home country Sweden and how they are being perceived globally.

ericsson case

Ericssons PR-agency Prime partnered with Nice One to showcase Ericsson’s deep, but many times concealed, social development engagement that impacts Swedish change makers, interests students and sometimes worries the public – today more than ever.

Together we developed an Ericsson original talk-show-series – Tekniken & – inspired by Sweden’s most popular talk-shows and managed to put the invisible heroes behind Ericsson in the hot spot of social tech conversations together with the most famous opinionists of Sweden.

The result? An original talk-show, an ongoing event series, short form documentaries and social clips published on Ericsson’s own channels – all re-building Ericsson’s global reputation through local engagement.

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