Case: Ellen

Get intimate with an influencer

The Swedish intimate hygiene brand ellen® concluded that they had an ageing target group and a low brand recognition on their home market. The mission was to establish the brand presence among a larger audience and spread the word about the benefits of the products, as well as attracting a younger target group and establish a social media presence.

In the web series “The Ellen GeniTales” (”Mellan benen med Ellen”), some of the most common vaginal issues and their origins are discussed. Many questions get answered in the show: What exactly is vaginal stress? Should one shave the genital area – and in that case how? Does home remedies work? What’s good to know when it comes to sex and vaginal health?

The show was produced in six episodes to be distributed through social media. To make sure the series hit the desired target group, influencer Ellen Bergström was recruited as the host. Apart from having an incredibly fitting name, Ellen Bergström is a Swedish actress, comedian, blogger, artist and radio host. Her Instagram account has 250,000 followers, a large number by Swedish standards.

The content was produced by Nice One and distributed through ellen®’s and Ellen’s social media platforms – full-length episodes (all under 5 minutes) as well as shorter sketches, clips and trailers. Within a few weeks, the episodes had almost half a million views, and the brand ellen® had gained thousands of new subscribers, fans and followers. Watch all the clips (Swedish) >

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