Case: Batterijakten

Let’s put the kids in charge

The initiative ‘Batterijakten’ (“The Battery Hunt”) allows Sweden’s all fourth graders to learn more about the importance of recycling and making environmentally conscious choices in a creative and inspiring way. Nice One has taken the overall responsibility for implementing both the contest and communication as well as supplying the technical infrastructure.

Recycling is a great way of setting the foundation for a more sustainable lifestyle in the future. The competition Batterijakten is a collaborative effort between environmental organisation ‘Håll Sverige Rent’, consumer battery manufacturer ‘Varta’ and hardware/multimedia megastore chain ‘Clas Ohlson’. Nice One received the assignment to revitalise the competition and increase the awareness of it.

Batterijakten 2017

To bring Batterijakten even closer to the schools and education, the competition was built up from scratch to give the 2017 competition a boost and now consists of three parts: education, creativity and battery collection. The competing students aim to collect as many points as possible in each part of the competition to have a chance to win the first prize in the competition which is 50 000 SEK that will go to the class fund.

In order to communicate the competition with its new setup and engage Sweden’s all 10-year-olds to participate in Batterijakten, Nice One developed and produced a communications package to market the competition. With close cooperation with influencers IJustWantToBeCool, Batterijakten was marketed everywhere from the country’s movie screens to social media, which Nice One produced and distributed material for.

An important part of Batterijakten, besides the website, is an app and a mobile game that are directed to both students and teachers. Via the app, the competing students can both record the number of collected of batteries and participate in the educational training. They can also virtually collect batteries in a mobile game which contribute towards the class’s final score.

When Batterijakten 2017 came to its end, we learnt that 1400 classes signed up for this year’s competition, 125 tonnes of batteries were collected and over 2000 teaching hours were spent to go through the available lesson assignments. In addition, 64% of all parents whose children participated in the competition reported that they gained new knowledge about batteries and battery recycling in their household, and 40% indicated that they changed their recycling behaviour thanks to the competition.