5 video advertising campaigns we loved in 2017!

NICE GUIDE With new techs and tools emerging in the digital world, the competition is getting too tight for brands to launch outstanding video advertising campaigns. From a positive perspective, film-makers have all they need to set fire to their storytelling; from high tech equipments to new techniques like VR and 3D Printing. Digital marketers have their own tools as well to garner the best ROI out of their video campaigns. Not only engagement measurement tools but also some options -like Youtube Director Mix- can help them plan a victorious campaign targeting. Just attend one of those content marketing exhibitions and equip yourself with new ideas and knowledge.

In this time and age no excuses are acceptable for failure in video advertising. Just tell a creative branded story and drag the market’s attention towards your business. Create a chain of right targeting, innovative storytelling and accurate measurement and achieve your golden goals. Among so many successful video advertising campaigns launched in 2017 we loved these five below the most. We will tell you why.

It is a 4-minute heartwarming video telling a story about a special service call that a Samsung Service engineer receives. He takes a long troublesome way to the client to repair her TV set; but when the client opens the door he gets so surprised to find out she can not see.

The title of the video is “We’ll take care of you wherever you are.” The video conveys this message to the audiences that no matter where you are or who you are, we take care of your needs. The title alone is touching enough that Samsung manages to open its way to the customers’ hearts.

The video is also completely localized by using Indian language, playing Indian music in the background, and putting accent on lots of other Indian cultural and visual elements. And considering the high penetration of Samsung products in India it was definitely worth it for the brand to spend some budget specifically on this local market.

The video ends with these sentences “At times one must venture a little further than usual for the sake of relationships. That’s why Samsung Service vans go to every corner of the country.” This is directly referring to the campaign that Samsung Service launched in October 2016 to send its service vans to all urban and rural regions of India.

This video advertising campaign is emotionally engaging, targeted and direct. The result has been mind blowing. To the date, the video has gained more than 150 million views putting it in the record book. What this campaign brought for Samsung over numbers is customer loyalty.


Mr. Clean released a controversial Super Bowl commercial “Cleaner of Your Dreams” in which they tried to make unattractive cleaning product so appealing. All of a sudden the brand character reveals his sexual side in a ridiculous way; something no one would think of, before watching this video. Mr. Clean crossed the line but he will stay in minds for years.

Ending with the sentence “You gotta love a man who cleans.” the brand killed two birds with one stone running the campaign both for Super Bowl and Valentine’s day.

Mr. Clean made a great buzz by uploading teasers of the commercial on Twitter and Facebook on a daily basis in the leading week to the Super Bowl. Finally this video advertising campaign resulted in more than 17.5 million views in Youtube and of course a considerable amount of customer created content on different platforms.


“Change the Odds” is the name of an inspiring video ad that Microsoft released in March 2017 for the third annual of the campaign #MakeWhatsNext. In this video advertising campaign by asking “what do you want to change in the world?”, Microsoft tries to drag girl teenagers’ attention towards the importance of STEM programs.

While only 6.7 percent of women have graduated with STEM degree (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Microsoft persuades younger girls to enter the program. From another aspect Microsoft takes a feminist action in the male-dominant atmosphere of computer science and it is where “Change the Odds” title comes from.

In this video advertising campaign, Microsoft wants to build up its social role and as a result customer loyalty for the brand. In addition it amazes the audience by some of its technologies presented in this video like HoloLens.

Through this campaign Microsoft built up its identity as a brand caring for education and gender equality, showcased its high tech products and gained more than 12 million views in Youtube; all in one.


4. NISSAN’S 360° VR
When it comes to new techs and trends in video advertising it is inevitable to mention VR. In April 2017 Nissan released a 360° VR experience inspired by Star Wars called “Battle Test”. The user is driving a Nissan Rogue trying to find its way in the middle of a battlefield while there are explosions and huge creatures everywhere. At the end there isn’t even a scratch on the car body. This video advertising campaign was released to showcase the intelligent safety features of Nissan. The VR campaign garnered more than 3.4 million views before it has taken down from Nissan’s Youtube Channel. As a result of the high engagement, the brand announced that the search for Nissan Rogue has increased 3 times after launching this campaign.

Nissan told a creative and relevant story, created a unique customer experience and conveyed a clear direct brand message. In addition it showed up as a pioneer in high tech industries in customers’ minds by implementing the latest technologies for advertising.


While the typical type of beer commercials is a funny story, Heineken released a video ad called “Worlds Apart” that makes the audiences think. Some strangers with polar attitudes over different topics like transgenders rights, feminism and climate changes are paired up to assemble a bar. In the meantime they warm up to each other and the story moves forward in a way that at the end they decide to discuss their beliefs over a bottle of beer.

This meaningful video advertising campaign, released in April 2017, gained more than 14.5 million views. Heineken increased the brand popularity and established its social position. The video ad is emotionally and thoughtfully engaging while it is brand oriented at the same time. All achieved from a simple relevant idea.


Don’t chase the bird…
Almost all platforms impose different kinds of ads on user experience. As a result, an increasing number of people get ad fatigue and use ad blockers to avoid sponsored ads, pre roll videos, pop ups, etc. In this situation a video advertisement with an added value (entertainment, education or emotional experience) can distinguish a brand in the market. Take some catchy seeds in your hand and let the bird comes to you.

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