5 social media campaigns in 2017 which blasted out!

NICE READING While 98 percent of marketers use social media campaigns, most of them do not know which tools are the best for their brand to get the highest ROI from. There are new social networking apps popping up in different regions frequently; so it is vital for marketers to stay updated. There is a tight competition among networking apps to dominate the market, and for this purpose they do their best to provide innovative and convenient services. From a marketing perspective, each of these options and services creates a potential to get better results from social media campaigns.

A combination of well-defined goals and target audiences, the right platform, relevant content and campaign measurement leads to a successful campaign. Taking these factors into consideration, we have listed our 5 top social media campaigns in 2017 as below:

1. Be This Guy


“Be the Match” is the leader of bone marrow transplantation in USA. The organisation was facing the shortage of male donors in the age group 18-24, the most difficult target group to reach out for charity purposes. They launched a social media campaign to make donation appealing for the target group. The message was “being a young male qualifies you to save a life”. They released a series of funny videos showing ordinary young men doing stupid activities. Each video finishes with “This guy could save a life! You could too.” Despite most of other non-profit social media campaigns, this one focused on target audiences instead of patients and on empowerment instead of compassion.

The videos were released where the target group spend a lot of time on; Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitch, Snapchat. The organisation also partnered with social media influencers in the target group. The result was over expectations. The social media campaign received 212 million impressions in social media. The number of male donors increased by 280 percent with around 18000 new donors. Also the rise in brand awareness increased direct traffic to the website 970 percent.


2. Ham4all:

The social media campaign kicked off when Lin-Manuel Miranda posted on his Twitter account about a campaign for immigrants using the hashtag “Ham4all”. He called people to participate in a lottery by donating 10$ to “We get the job done coalition”. The prize was a free ticket to Hamilton, a hip hop musical about the life of American founding father Alexander Hamilton. Miranda tried to make the campaign go viral by inviting celebrities to donate for the charity and sing Hamilton musics in their social media accounts. Celebrities like Kelly Clarkson and Ben Stiller participated in the campaign while inviting others to this challenge. The campaign went viral and not only collected money for the charity but also raised recognition of the musical event.


3. We Accept


Most of the brands show up too conservative in taking a political side since they afraid of losing customers from the opposite point of view. In spite of this consideration, Airbnb got more popular in the market by taking social responsibility after the United States’ travel ban. Through the social media campaign #weaccept Airbnb tried to provide accommodation for displaced people whether refugees or the ones affected by US travel ban. People could participate in the campaign by donating money or sharing their home. The message conveyed to people was “We accept you regardless of your background, nationality, beliefs, gender or sexuality. “

A face and a personal experience were the main elements of the stories with native formats on each platform. The campaign was launched on different social media platforms including Youtube, Facebook and Instagram gaining huge impressions from each. The Super Bowl commercial was also one of the top video campaigns of 2017.


4. Know Your Lemons


The core of this social media campaign is a simple image of 12 lemons in an egg box. Each lemon simulates a symptom of breast cancer. Corrine Ellsworth Beaumont -the founder of the charity Worldwide Breast Cancer- designed this image. The main purpose was to raise the awareness among women being diagnosed with breast cancer regardless of their language, age group and literacy status. The campaign reached out to more than 8 million people after three Facebook posts and it became one of the most shared images on social media networks. But still there are lots of women who do not access internet or at least are not on Facebook, therefore the organization invited people to donate 1$ for each symptom (12$ in total) to expand the campaign offline.


5. Dom the ChatBot


Domino used Facebook messenger, an application with more than 1.2 billion monthly active users to roll out more orders. All the ordering process is done via a Facebook messenger chatbot called Dom. The customer types the word ‘pizza’ or sends a smiley to the chatbot and it begins. The customer can directly order by following the ordering steps, or can start a conversation with the bot which could have a hilarious outcome.

This campaign was also accompanied by some other social media campaigns to build up awareness around it. This creative idea brought lots of added values for the target market and a high ROI for the company. It made an ordinary daily activity super easy, fun and memorable. It also positioned Domino as an innovative brand.


Considering the huge amount of the advertorial content released on social networking platforms, it would be too difficult to blast out your brand voice to your customers. The core of all social media campaigns is the content. But your social media campaigns won’t end up successful if you do not have well-defined strategies in all stages. This is why you can find in content marketing exhibitions a mixture of trends, tools, ideas and techs for all stages of running social media campaigns that are showcased.


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