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Untangling the mystery of Swedishness

Is the common view of Sweden too shallow? And what is Swedishness exactly? Swedish Institute wanted to find a new way of discussing Swedish values in a global context. The result was Swedishness, a branded podcast in English, produced by Nice One.

The concept of Sweden may be difficult to grasp for many people. What may be the core of Swedishness for one, means something completely different to another. But just like getting to know a new person, a country becomes more complex the further you dig into its soul and culture. Swedish Institute, which in a way could be described as the country’s “official brand agency”, wanted to broaden the understanding of Sweden by deepening the discussion and adding more pieces to the puzzle.

svenska institutet
The pod Swedishness – everything you always wanted to know about Sweden but were afraid to ask.

A podcast was the perfect fit for the purpose. The format is fairly fast and cost-efficient to produce and distribute, and gets really close to the listener in ways few other media channels are able to.

Swedishness was developed by Nice One over seven episodes with different categories. The well-known Swedish media personality Kattis Ahlström co-hosts the show alongside the Irish journalist Philip O’Connor, living in Sweden after moving here 18 years ago. Addressing broad issues like the Swedish parental leave, the “Swedish sin” and the free press, other guests and experts are invited to discuss.

The podcast was launched in January 2017 and has since then spread the message about Sweden all over the world, with the US listeners as the most frequent listeners, right after the the British people. Let’s see what the future holds for Swedishness.

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