Case: Felix

The Ketchup Effect

Felix wanted to contribute to a better world through smart recycling and a behavioural shift, using a combination of influencers, YouTube videos – shot as both regular and in 360°, online banners and in-store signage. The result was the campaign “Reuse your ketchup bottle!”.

Quenching your thirst with a bottle of ketchup? Why not – household ketchup brand Felix wanted to embrace the fact that their plastic bottles are fit for reuse in many different occasions.

They produced a water nozzle specifically fit for their standard ketchup bottle and gave them away for free with every purchase. Also included was a new sticker label that said “water bottle” as well as one where you could write your name on the tomato-red plastic.

To add some spark to the initiative, Nice One involved young Swedish YouTuber Liam Pitts as main ambassador and his mother as side-kick. Liam Pitts has a strong following on YouTube and in social media, but for most people his mother Laila Bagge is probably the most famous person in the family – Bagge is an influential music industry profile, and has since her jury duty on Swedish Idol a couple of years ago been an active part of the Swedish media and entertainment establishment.For the purpose of turning ketchup bottles into water bottles, Liam Pitts and Laila Bagge were engaged in a weird, intense – and heavily documented – game of “bumperball”.

Nice One were involved in everything from concept development to influencer strategy, film production and in-store signage. The videos – also available in 360°-format – were distributed through Laila’s and Liam’s own channels, and has had over 210,000 views on Liam’s YouTube channel alone.

The result of the campaign is still visible just next to the sidelines at numerous soccer and hockey practices all over the country. A ketchup effect for branding through sustainability.

Watch the video in 360° >

Nice One logotype