Case: Bauhaus

Creative Conversion

Nice One helped the building materials store chain Bauhaus to create its own web TV universe. Based on market analysis, Bauhaus has been able to find a deep connection with its target groups online.

Many constructors, carpenters, professional craftsmen and self-proclaimed home improvers view Bauhaus as their second home. But the competition is tough in the segment.


Nice One created a new content concept based on the in-house video player NicePlay, and launched Using the branded player, several different web TV channels have been developed since.

In Grillskolan (Grill School), viewers get great grilling tips – each under one minute – from a professional chef. Video clips on the channel Gör-Det-Själv (Do-It-Yourself) effortlessly illustrate how to build a bathroom, how a steam cleaner works or how to lay floor tiles in the most efficient manner possible.

But there’s one channel that stands out for resonating extra well with the target group. In deep collaboration with Sweden Rock, one of the largest music festivals in the country, Bauhaus launched its own web TV series in 2016. Hantverkarrock (Craftsman Rock) involved two craftsmen reporting from the festival every day, showing live footage and conducting interviews with bands and visitors.

The videos were published on Sweden Rock and Hantverkarrock’s Facebook pages, and with 70 % of the festival’s audience being identified as target group for Bauhaus, this three-year project will aim to further strengthen and deepen this important relationship.

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